xu4 Screenshots

Game Screenshots

Introduction sequence [Screenshot 3] Talking with the Gypsy [Screenshot 4]
Outdoors with original graphics [Screenshot 1] Outdoors with VGA upgrade graphics [Screenshot 2]
In the forest by Yew [Forest Screenshot] By a Moongate on horseback [Moongate Screenshot]
In a dungeon [Dungeon Screenshot] In the depths of the Abyss [Abyss Screenshot]
xu4 on a Linux desktop [Linux Screenshot] xu4 on a MacOS X desktop [MacOS X Screenshot]
Scaler Comparison

Ultima 4 was originally released supporting a screen resolution of 320x200. Because computers typically run at much higher resolutions now, xu4 will automatically scale all the graphics to a more readable size. By default, it doubles the size of the original graphics, giving a 640x400 view, but it can use several strategies to make the scale graphics look better. The idea and algorithms for these scalers come straight out of Exult. The following shows the available types of scaling, and their results, magnified by an additional two times to clearly show the differences.

Point Scaler [Point Scaler Screenshot] The point scaler simply doubles each pixel. The result is sharp but blocky.
2xBi Bilinear Scaler [2xBi Scaler Screenshot] The 2xBi bilinear scaler makes the pixels blend into each other. The result is less blocky but somewhat blurry.
2xSaI Scaler [2xSaI Scaler Screenshot] The 2xSaI scaler is similar to the bilinear, but takes special care to handle angles and get rid of the stair-step effect. The result a bit less blurry than the bilinear, and nice smooth diagonals; the castle turrets in particular look much better.
Scale2x Scaler [Scale2x Scaler Screenshot] The Scale2x (formerly called AdvanceMAME) scaler, like 2xSaI, tries to heuristically make angles look nice. But unlike 2xSaI, it does it without interpolating colors; only the original image colors are used. This results in a sharper image.
Other Ultima IV and xu4 Artwork

Here is an xu4 generated map of the entire Ultima IV world in the VGA tileset (warning, large!): map.png (690Kb)

Here is a map of the entire Ultima IV world using the Amiga tileset: amimap.png (278Kb)

Here are maps of the various townes and castles using the Amiga tileset: lcb_2.png, lcb_1.png, lycaeum.png, empath.png, serpent.png, moonglow.png, britain.png, jhelom.png, yew.png, minoc.png, trinsic.png, skara.png, magincia.png, paws.png, den.png, vesper.png, cove.png.