xu4 Download

xu4 Daily Snapshot Builds

These snapshots are generated using the latest source code updates. A number of bugs that were present in the older Beta3 build have been fixed in these snapshot builds.
You will need Ultima IV for DOS, it is not included with the snapshots.

Ultima IV for DOS

Ultima IV for DOS is required to play xu4. Ultima IV for DOS is not included in any of the binary or source downloads. The Ultima IV Graphics upgrade upgrade is optional, and can be downloaded below. For best results, unzip the following into a ./ultima4 directory. Depending on your system, there are a variety of appropriate locations, the simplest being wherever the xu4 executable resides.

xu4 Releases

The beta download is quite a bit older than the latest snapshot, and still contains a number of bugs that have since been fixed. We suggest you download one of the Daily Snapshot Builds above.

Downloads are hosted with SourceForge.net. If you have a supported system, you can download the appropriate binary distribution. If you have another system, download the source and read the README file for build directions.

Please let us know if you successfully port xu4 to a new platform!

Offsite ports:

xu4 Developer Downloads

Xu4 downloads for Windows developers.